Digital single-lens reflex camera: A Perfect Choice of a Photo savvy

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Invention of DSLR cameras has taken photography to the next level. DSLR cameras are known for the excellent image quality along with lenses that can be changed. You can now experiment with DSLR shallow focus effects with a snap and creatively enhance the story with a DSLR.

Instead of shooting with a single multipurpose lens, interchangeable lens enables photographers to customize the angle of view with a wide variety of lenses available. In addition to quality control, DSLRs provide full manual control on adjusting aperture, shutter speed control and modifying white balance.

A DSLR camera unlike other compact cameras uses a mirror behind the lens to direct light towards the viewfinder eyepiece. This draws a clear picture to a photographer of what the image sensor will capture.

DSLR Camera

With a range of optimized qualities, Photographers from all fields are mesmerized and driven towards DSLRs.

Depending on sensor size and sensor types, DSLRs can be categorized as:

Sensor Size:

The sensor size is an important factor to decide the image quality, functioning of lens, and its performance in low light conditions.

Based on the sensor size they can be classified into 4 categories: Four Thirds, APS (Advanced Photo System), and Full Film Format.

The smaller sensors (Four Thirds) are used in point and shoot cameras while the larger ones (APS and Full Film Format) are found in DSLR models.

Sensor Types:

Based on the sensor types, a camera can be categorized as CCD (Charged Couple Device) or CMOS (Complementary metal oxide semiconductor) camera.

A CMOS sensor is preferred over CCD as it can capture more light and produce high quality images, because of large surface area.

Features of DSLR:

DSLR Camera is loaded with new age technology features. These refined & elegant features were totally absent from almost every point & shoot digi cams.

Shooting Modes: DSLR offers 3 shooting modes namely Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and Manual Mode. These modes allow the user to modify the image background, and make it either crystal clear or blurred. If also enables you capture moving picture by freezing the motion of the image.

ISO – This feature of a DSLR camera focuses on Image sensitivity sensing pertaining to light. It is also known as Eye So. The ISO number is directly proportional to the amount of light. And hence, in cameras. With low ISO number, the image quality will be prone to dark images.

Focus Modes: DSLR has 3 focus modes: single point, spectrum and hybrid mode. These modes allow photographers to focus on a single point, center of the frame for example or multiple points based on the requirement.

Back Focus: If the user by mistake clicks on a wrong button after spending enough time to focus on the right point in the image, all the efforts can go in vain. However, the Back focus button takes the photographer back to the perfectly adjusted focus point and hence helps to snap photos faster.

Exposure Compensation: The feature of the DSLR helps improve the overall quality of the image by brightening or darkening it according to the requirement.

Custom White Balance: When shooting an indoor ice rink, bank of snow or a white dress, if you want a perfect white balance you can use the Custom White Balance feature of the DSLR.

Highlight Control: If a part of the image is washed out or lost in brightness, then these details can be recovered with the help of this feature of the DSLR camera.

Metering Modes: Evaluative Metering, Center Weighted Metering and Spot Metering are the three metering modes available in DSLR which helps to control the brightness exposure on the image.

Flash Control: This is a really great feature of the DSLR which enables to control flash on the image while clicking it.

The list of features that DSLRs offer is non exhaustive. All these features provide good reasons to keen photographers to search the best place to buy a camera, i.e, DSLR!