Xiaomi Mi A2 and A2 Lite – The latest Launch!

Xiaomi is all set to introduce the latest addition to it long list of popular handsets! These will be the certified android one phones namely Mi A2 and the lite version Mi A2 Lite! The world wide launch is to take place today at 1430 hrs IST in Spain! The legacy of Mi A1 will be continued with Mi A2 launch! Rather than following Xiaomi’s MIUI & custom rom options, these phones will contain the Google’s Android one version to provide an optimized Experience to their users! As per Android’s one policy, these phones will promote the unmodified versions of OS unlike other launches by Xiaomi!

As per specifications, Mi A2 will be same as Mi 6x phone, the latest Xiaomi release for China! With the Increasing popularity, Enthusiasts have hinted about the so called features and the price of these long awaited phones!

Before the news goes Global, Let us try and check a few specifications predicted by Mobile Gurus!

  • Inclusion of a Telephoto Lens also known as the long focus lens to cover distant object photography! It is possible by the longer focal length of the lens without an increase in size!
  • Inclusion of the Bokeh Mode to focus on desired details and shift of focus! This mode could be absent from the lite mode of the phone!
  • Multiple Hardware specifications to be introduced! Eg, RAM variants and inbuilt storage variant may be able to distinguish between the variants and may be a deciding factor for the price range!
  • Latest Android Oreo as the OS.
  • Front Camera could have AI enabled 20 mp sensor in MI A2! This is to enhance the user experience while capturing portrait images!
  • Multi Color Variants focused for the “Lite” Version.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor for optimized uninterrupted performance!
  • Expandable Storage up to 256 GB! The micro SD card addition will allow this expansion!
  • Front Camera to support 12 MP in “Lite” Version.
  • While Mi A2 is rumored to be powered with a 3010 mAh battery, the lite version could have 4000 mAh battery!
  • The promotional strategy of Xiaomi has kept the users engaged in guessing the price of both the versions! It can be pre assumed that Mi A2 and the “lite” Version may break the price barriers set by their predecessors!

These points could be a rumor but are largely based on claims made worldwide! The world is excited for this launch and Xioami like the recent past knows how to cash their popularity! With the brand they have established building the trust in general mass by keeping the specifications in control and of highest standards, we are sure that Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite will be the next beads in the Garland!